Michael Hanke – “Gucci Flame” (ft. Seanny S Tone)

Michael Hanke teams up with singer and beat producer Seanny S Tone on this priceless new track titled “Gucci Flame.”

Including a dope beat, both creatives come together to share their love for the iconic brand Gucci. Seanny S Tone produced the beat while the song was mastered by DJ Sipres.

With over 12,000 views on Youtube, their loyal online following have shown their support over and over again with each new release. Their relaxed lyrics, fun beats, and new sound comes together to give us something different than we hear every single day.

Stream the single “Gucci Flame” and show your support today:

London, England native Michael Hanke began pursuing modeling, acting, and fashion designing at a very young age. After spending a few years investing his time into making music, “Gucci Flame” comes as the latest project in his laid-back, “let’s have a good time” discography.

Model and actor, Seanny S Tone, creates beats on his spare time that appear on collaborations with other artists. His ear for music has lead him to produce cool beats for artists everywhere.

DJ Sipres joins the team as he helped put the final project together with hix mixes. His range of sounds fit in well with the verses and singing heard throughout the track.

Make sure to check out each member of “Gucci Flame” online and keep up with their future releases! You won’t want to miss it!

Michael Hanke

Seanny S Tone

DJ Sipres

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