Michael Lukes – “Stars”

Michael Lukes inspires listeners with his multi-cultural background and experiences with the release of “Stars” from his debut EP, I AM. The Italian-British singer-songwriter flourishes in the Indie, Pop and Folk genres with raw, tunes sharing his most memorable life experiences.

“Stars” vibrantly portrays the importance and beauty of people, ideas and cultures coming together into one unified force. Directed by Angelice B. Ganti with the collaboration of Silvia Casanova and Simone Colombo, the music video contains 18 interpreters from a variety of countries to represent the raw emotion of people from all walks of life.

The single displays a great deal of uderstanding and compassion with its unifying lyrics, emotive essence, and motivational storyline. He sparks a conversation as the rythms flow with each engaging visual.

Michael Lukes shares his message: “I believe a lot in the power of the universe and in the fact that each of us belongs to it without any difference. The video wants to go in this direction: we are the same, we have always been, we will continue to be.”

Keep Michael Lukes on your radar this year as he releases new songs that’ll become close to all of our hearts.


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