Michele Garruti – “Glitch”

There are certain albums that captivate us from the very beginning to the final track. Certain aspects of their creation capture our attention as their intention to make a difference comes into fruition. Italian composer/producer Michele Garruti releases Glitch, a new album filled with 15 soulful and cinematic tracks helping listeners escape from reality for at least a few minutes of their day.

Known as a piano and keyboard player, the London-based artist and music producer includes his signature sound intersecting classical, electronic, ethereal, and glitchy elements in his songs.

Glitch includes with auditory gems creating an out-of-this-world experience. Glitch’s 15 beautiful instrumental compositions accompany listeners through those lonely longing days and nights during the worldwide lockdown as they await the revival of this country.

Produced, written, and arranged by him, Glitch begins with “Ripples,” which fosters a life-long relationship with the listeners who begins to understand Garruti’s sound and musical stories. “Floating Souls” display his mastery of clean and precise sounds that unite to fill us with joy. It takes us through past memories that we may have forgotten as the piano flows from a steady pace to slightly upbeat and captivating.

“Siblings” and “Childhood Memories” bring a sense of nostalgia of repressed memories navigated through calming sounds keeping us filled with intrigue. Inspired by the symphonic sounds moving from one song to the other, they interwine to tell the story of remembering the good ol’ times spent together.

“September Afternoons” and “Autumn” run through the mystical feelings of the fall weather and how pleasant it feels to walk outside with the cool air coming our way. There are feelings of peace and tranquility in the midst of the chaotic times we’ve been experiencing. These singles bring a twinkle of light into the overpowering darkness we may be feeling.

“Run To Me”appears before the demise of a powerful ending. This single emcompasses the gratitude of having many blessings in our lives. Joy, pleasure and hope transcends from the sounds of the piano flowing through the airwaves.

The final track “Goodbye” rides on a wave of piano-filled symphonies hitting listeners right in the emotional aspects of their life journeys with a sphere of calmess overiding their bodies. Its simplistic elements guide us through the sorrowful emotions we feel as we say goodbye to what no longer brings us joy in life.

Rising with an overpowering sense of relief, Glitch doesn’t leave you emptyhanded. You’ll feel the joy, happiness, misery, and sadness all in one beautiful collection of singles.

Apart from focusing on releasing his own music, Michele Garruti owns Oracle Records. He’s been able to work with a variety of prominent jazz musicians and artists including Peter Erskine, Bob Mintzer, Darek Oleszkiewicz, Michael Stever, and Kathleen Grace.

Michele Garruti doesn’t leave his listeners with just a single mood. Glitch dives deeper into the creativeness of being an artist and creating from the heart. Find your way through the darkness wiht these 15 singles reminding you of all teh good in this world.


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