Michy Tree Set To Release “Cocaine Love” This Friday

Berkshire based musician Michy Tree will be releasing her debut single this upcoming November 27th titled “Cocaine Love,” which she has created, written, produced, mixed, and mastered herself in anticipation of finally sharing her music with the world.

The electronic indie-pop single will be an introduction to what kind of original music will be coming in the future from Michy Tree. Although she’s showcased her voice through the published covers of popular songs including Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over,” Nothing But Thieves, and The 1975, “Cocaine Love” will display her strong capabilities of sharing real-life experiences with this nostalgic memory of a time when drugs and relationships had a pivotal influence on the way people interacted with one another due to the lethal dependency.

“The story behind the song is about a conversation I had with a friend who was struggling with life and how he wanted to fit in and unfortunately he turned to drugs because he thought his friends wouldn’t want to carry on their friendship without it,” Michy Tree shares. “So he started a relationship with a drug practically. But we had this conversation of how society is and how it makes you numb to feeling any emotion.”

Finding inspiration in artists such as The 1975 and Halsey, she credits their ability to connect with listeners through their love for music and desire to create change as some of the reasons she’s continually inspired to continue doing what she loves the most while encouraging others as a musician. Her creative process takes a topic from her own life or from those around her, which she then integrates into a melody with the chords on the guitar or other instruments making their way into the distinctive track.

“Cocaine Love” ties into how she’s able to craft a musical story through an experience that was previously encountered. It runs smoothly while creating an interest in hearing how a live performance can put all of the elements together such as the vibrant hook the UK musician includes in the electro-pop single fueled by a simplistic mood covered by the strums of a guitar and gentle synths in the background.

At first, it’s intriguing how her tender vocals strike us with the amount of pain felt over the situation. Michy Tree aspires to create music that inspires listeners to be okay with being different from everyone else in the world. She understands the humanistic nature of wanting to be accepted but also tries to embody how being unique will help everyone focus more on what makes them happy rather than how they fit in.

There will also be a music video along with the release. Based on the images shared on Instagram, there will be interesting scenarios based on the growth and separation of love between two people. Stay tuned for the release by following her online and pre-save “Cocaine Love” here!


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