Mike Chelsen, The Teen Pop Sensation Says “My Name Is A Tribute To My Teacher”

The world of music moves forward fast, always looking for the next big thing. Countless young singers want to be that next big thing. Mike Chelsen is way ahead in that race.

Mike Chelsen is a 16-year old teen sensation who is building his way towards the top of pop music. Even at such young age, Mike has managed to publish a song all on his own. Titled “Starlight”, the melancholic song is deep, soft and trance-like. It is currently streaming on Spotify and gaining traction, but Mike is already moving ahead with new plans. The singer-entertainer has no time to waste.

Mike Chelsen isn’t the real name of the 16-year old singer.  In his younger days, “Mike” was just a nickname his friends had for him. On the other hand, Chelsen was the name of his science teacher, to whom he was very close. He passed away some time ago in a tragic car crash. So “Mike Chelsen” was born, as a tribute to the teacher who was both his guide and friend.

Mike reveals that he used to be severely bullied in his school days because of his different outlook towards fashion and life. Things got so bad at one point that he even attempted suicide. However, music came as a savior and rescued him from that abysmal place. Music gave him the confidence to be who he really is and speak what he really wants. Among his musical inspirations are legends like David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Elton John. He looks up to these legends not just for their musical prowess, but also the bold fashion statements they made. One look at Mike’s social media profiles, and we can understand why.

To say that Mike Chelsen has a social media presence would be an understatement. The better word would be “social media influence”. On TikTok particularly, Mike Chelsen’s growth has been fast and furious. With more than 100,000 followers on the app, Mike can boast a pretty strong followership. Right now, he is gaining almost one thousand followers every day. On Instagram too, Mike Chelsen has an impressive 34,000 followers. For Mike, these two platforms largely served two different purposes. On TikTok he brings out his entertaining side, making the most interesting short videos. On Instagram, he makes the bold fashion statement that has become a part of his appeal. Suffice to say, Mike is a social media rockstar.

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Talking about Mike Chelsen’s fashion statement needs an entire section of its own. To keep it simple, the man is bold. Mike Chelsen might have needed years to embrace his true self, but he did it in the most spectacular way possible. What we have today is a flamboyant, edgy, and vivacious pop sensation. Mike likes to experiment with his style, be it burning cigarettes or BDSM collars.

Mike’s vivid fashion style is matched by his deep outlook on life. He believes in equality for all. His vision is a world where everybody is accepted for exactly who they are. Needless to say, Mike has some big plans for his career.

You can follow him on his InstagramTikTok and Spotify.

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