MOHA Creates His Own Musical Path With “I Wanna Know”

Moha, a 22-year-old young international producer, resident in Spain, has signed singles with international labels: Sony music, Disco: wax, Trap nation, Lowly, Bounce United, among many others. Listened to worldwide in more than 75 countries, setting himself with his song ‘Wasted’, released through 8d music, he entered a viral top in Italy.

This time he achieves with his single released on July 17, 2020, position himself of the best hits in hours. ‘I WANNA KNOW’, signed with Sony music Denmark and Disco: Wax, inspired by styles from Alok, Meduza, DynoroMoha promises a lot.

Did you think that ”I WANNA KNOW” within hours of its release would be this successful?

It is the result of the creative effort of months working on a release, the good vibes it transmits, getting the best sound, thanks to all the team that we have participated in the production.

Is the single released among the best on any list?

In various lists in fact, Spotify platform selects some releases, and add them to their official playlist with thousands of listeners.

On which lists? 

“I WANNA KNOW” is already in ‘New music Friday Norway’, ‘Beats of tomorrow’ and ‘Filtr Norway’.

How did the idea of ​​creating this single come about?

I always make the singles with the intention that they can be liked by the widest possible audience, to be able to enjoy everyone. This single was created with the aim of listening to it at any time, adapting very well to the summer.

Who and why did you choose to produce this song?

I always collaborate with meqq, my trusted vocalist, Fr4nk and Falco are good producers/friends. When it comes to embodying an idea, workflow, dynamics, comfort, and workflow with these artists.

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