Mon$tr – “Used to Know”

Texan artist Claude Blinov, also known as Mon$tr, manages to dig deeper into the hidden depths of his life through the powerful ability to relate with listeners across the world with his music. He finds that he can cover any musical genre by creating something breathtaking and inspiring for anyone who listens while staying authentic to his identity.

By allowing his love for music to help him navigate his place in this world, Mon$tr hopes to inspire those individuals on the fence of sharing their music to begin as soon as possible. He believes that the sooner someone starts sharing their music, the longer they’ll have to enjoy all of those amazing moments that come with being an artist in the spotlight. For him, it’s all about being in the present moment and cherishing those one-of-a-kind experiences with others.

His upcoming single “Used to Know” follows the April release of his six-track debut EP 21 Club. The EP is the first introduction to the up and coming artist and his thoughts regarding this massive world filled with people important to him that he’s been able to learn from.

The new single “Used to Know” includes a Trap vibe with synth Pop instrumentals dropping a dope head-bobbing beat that keeps listeners glued to his every move. Its captivating lyrics and rhythms display his growth from the first EP to now. “I just wanna fly away on the road, on the road I know” he sings while depicting the agony of change.

The music video shot by NewHighFilmz shows him outside with a bottle of Henny and in a dazed state of mind. He speaks of the individual he used to know but isn’t very much aware of anymore due to growing up and losing sight of that old person. He bounces around from the inside of a building to the side of a pool to discuss the gradual changes of life.

He attributes his childhood surrounded by a military family ingrained in the biker culture with his interests in the heavy rock and grunge musical genres. Mon$tr integrates these lessons and elements from his life into his interactions with others by helping challenge societal norms, encouraging others to choose their own freedom while inspiring them to take risks, and practice being happy in any given moment.

It’s Claude, aka Mon$tr’s, tenacity to succeed that will drive him further to showcasing his music on a global scale. There’s no doubt he’ll be reaching larger masses with relatable and replayable releases like “Used to Know.”

Stay tuned for the release of “Used to Know”! Enjoy the release of 21 Club for now and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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