Introducing: Monieo – “Gone Over You”

Devonte Brooks, better known as Monieo, is a name you’ll want to remember this year as more and more impressive independent artists come up in the music industry.

This Baltimore-based singer and songwriter prepares to release his first heartstopping single titled “Gone Over You” through the record label, Incisive Entertainment. As an R&B independent artist, music has always been a way for Monieo to connect with his surroundings and the people in his life.

His desire to share the way he feels shines through each vibrant beat, heartfelt lyric, and sincere emotion.

“I put my emotions in my music, and I want people to relate to that,” says Monieo. “Music is my life, it’s a reflection of what I go through.”

Reminiscent of R&B powerhouses Chris Brown, Mario, and Trey Songz, Monieo accredits his love of music to these artists who constantly place a high caliber on the music they release. It’s no exception for Monieo, who will be surprising listeners with a suave yet romantic debut single.

“Gone Over You” runs on eniticing vocals as he sings about the deep emotions he feels about a girl in his life. He describes knowing what needs to be done for his relationship to prosper, especially since he wants to show her tons of love and appreciation.

“This songs embodies everything that we go through in our relationship. It also pays homage to women and the things that men put them through,” said Monieo.

The flowing electronic beats that appear can quickly grasp the listeners in and enthrall new listeners to want to find out more about Monieo! “Gone Over You” comes together so perfectly in a way that makes anyone want to raise their standards and give more love to someone else.

As an independent artist, his intuitive lyrics on love display his values in life. With lyrics like “Girl, you need some flowers sent each week/ Imma do better babe/Need a few letters babe/ Know I’m outside” shows his reliability and capability of serving his special person’s needs.

He swiftly identifies how he feels and is as honest as possible about it, which is something many listeners will be able to vibe with and appreciate! Keep an eye out for this romantic release you’d want to share with your special lady!

If you’re a fan of the vibes you get from “Gone Over You,” make sure to look out for Monieo’s self-entitled EP, which will be available this upcoming early 2021! This EP will be a huge indication of the detailed songwriting skills and vocal abilities he has gained since focusing on music.

Monieo understands the value of music and how it can make people feel. “The best part of making music, for me, is collaborating and working with people to develop a new sound. Something that my audience will love and will last for generations.”

Make sure to look out for the release of “Gone Over You” coming later this year. Follow Monieo online to keep up with his upcoming releases:


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