Movie Review: “Ready Or Not” Was Unpredictable & Thrilling

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The newest thriller currently available in theaters, Ready Or Not, is able to get you out of your seats and fearing what’s going to happen next.
The movie follows a young couple’s road to marriage while depicting a small little twist. The entire Le Domas family has to play a game together the night of a wedding to see if that person truly belongs in the family. Since the rich family grew their riches from creepy, unsettling board games, they remain strict to the traditions set in place hundreds of years ago. Samara Weaving plays Grace, the young bride scared yet excited about marrying her 18-month-long boyfriend Alex. After the wedding ceremony, the family unites at midnight to decide what game to play.
Grace unfortunately chooses the “hide and seek” card – the one card that ends up with somebody dying.
Tension grew since Alex knew that Grace would have to die in order for the family to stay alive. He tried throughout the movie to help her escape but once his dad found him, he was chained to the bed frame until dawn. At the end of the movie he turns his back on her and the entire family dies, leaving Grace laughing hysterically at the night’s terrifying events.
The fact that all three employees in the house died before anyone was able to find Grace, was a HUGE clue that they were all going down. Grace became stronger than she appeared. If you’re into movies that makes the underdog shine in the end, this movie will have you rooting for Grace until it’s over!
I’m usually not a big fan of thriller movies. At the beginning, I believed Ready Or Not would have a similar plot like in the movie Get Out, but it was exciting and unpredictable. Be ready to laugh and become squeamish with some of the parts in the film!
In the comments let me know if you’ve seen the movie and what your thoughts are!


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12 thoughts on “Movie Review: “Ready Or Not” Was Unpredictable & Thrilling

  1. That is a great review. But I have a question? Are you supposed to give the ending away. I really don’t like thrillers, but this one sounds like it is a winner.
    I may when it comes out on DVD actually get it. Thank you.

    1. I definitely shouldn’t have given the ending away! Most reviews don’t. It would be great to see how the ending is but it’s not the entire ending – you don’t see how they die and that’s a way bigger surprise!

  2. Thanks for sharing with is some excerts from the movie,i haven’t sent the movie but your description of it makes me fee like am missing out on something big, I will surely go see the movie soon I am also not a big fan of thriller movie. I will share my thoughts with you here thereafter. 

  3. Usually I don’t run opinions but this move must me good to keep me sitting on the edge of the chair.  It sounded like when you first started it was just another horror story.  Then when you got into the review it became more interesting.  The family didn’t win, but the bride did.  I would have done the same thing she did.  Just turned and walked away at the end.  

    I have no experience with the topic, other than watching my grandchildren play hide and seek.  But what an interesting subject to write a movie about.  How well can you hide to save your life.  The fact that eventually everyone in the family dies except for the groom is very interesting.  I assume that you liked the actors in the movie and they did a good job.  You didn’t mention anything about there performances.

    This is a very interesting nitch for someone to get into.  I am impressed with the way you did come through because at the end of your post, I was looking for more.  That is good.

    1. The plot was so incredibly well written. I was so impressed. The writers didn’t take themselves too seriously and they just let the plot thicken, without making it a terrifying film for viewers. Definitely watch the movie if you’d like. With this summary you won’t feel as terrified by the scary moments that will show up. You’ll enjoy it in the end 🙂 

  4. I definitely enjoy the chance to see a good movie thriller in the theaters and like to know when there is one that is not to be missed. It’s great to have a solid script that keeps you guessing with an unpredictable story… so I really wish you would have put a giant SPOILER ALERT at the beginning of your review for those of us who didn’t already know what to expect… Good to hear it was a good flick I guess… but are there still surprises after reading this review?

    1. Yes! There are still many surprises when you watch the movie. I didn’t mention all of the characters that were seen throughout the movie but there are many others who made a significant difference within the plot. YOU’RE RIGHT!  I should’ve added a spoilers mention at the top! Hope you still give the movie a chance and see it for yourself.

      It’s full of comedy, horror scenes, and moments that are completely unforgettable!

  5. Hi Evalin,

    Great review of this movie!  I have not seen it, but reading your review is an introduction that inspires me to get organised.

    Sharing your perspective, with a very clear explanation of the thread of the movie, without giving out any information to ruin the suspense and climax, is wonderful.

    To be able to create Movie reviews, that are pathways to different expectations, is a skill and I’m so pleased you are sharing your skill with us here – I’d like to follow you for inspiration.

    Kind regards – Sandy 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! I’m happy I can inspire you with my writing. That’s the entire reason we’re all here – to make a difference for at least one reader!  

      I hope you get to see the movie one day, it’s a great one!

  6. I’m actually also not a big fan of thrillers, but watched it last week and surprisingly it was actually good.

    The movie was vicious mixed with dark humor and it’s even funnier than most comedy movies.
    Ready or Not, it’s worth watching, the concept was interesting, it was very entertaining from start to end and the acting was great, I can’t praise enough.

    Thank you very much for sharing this review, it was a pleasure to read it.

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