Mr MooQ – “Adelina”

Singer-songwriter Mr MooQ depicts a tale of love, revenge, and murder in a romantic yet danceable single, “Adelina,” where he calls out for someone named Adelina throughout a massive desert to let her know about his love.

Revelations about their story appear from the very beginning and draw listeners in for a short and sweet story that doesn’t really have an ending.

The single “Adelina” is laced with a Latin Pop beat that showcase his powerful vocals and slick production while revealing a tragic tale between this lost woman named Adelina and her past lovers. Mr MooQ romances the world with his passionate and unique outlook on the entire story. His thought-provoking lyrics combine with a smooth energy to get listeners dancing along.

The lyric music video reveals beautiful graphics of a desert in the background of the screen. As each new word and sentence comes towards the viewer, it gives us the sense like we’re right there in the dreadful situation with the winds blowing, moving sunsets, and glowing mountains.

The heartwarming music video has already gathered over 27,000 views on Youtube since its release this past March. Make sure to check out the release “Adelina” down below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

“Adelina” is the product of working day and night on a new project as a beginner artist about three years ago. After awaking from a strange dream that told him “Now is the Time,” he set out to answer this call and put his passion and expeirnece into music.

Displaying a true grit when it came to developing his style and brand in the music industry, he worked endlessly writing, producing, playing and singing all the parts of the single to put all the elements together. It was after a few meticulous takes at experimenting, arranging, and mixing each part of the song that it all came together.

In the past three years, Mr MooQ has produced a geat deal of music with songs sharing breathtaking stories, some focused on his own spin of a fun groove, and some come straight from the heart with his life experiences spread out across the page.

Mr MooQ is one unique artist who puts storytelling on a whole other level. There aren’t many artists out there who put their heart into creating music that shares stories that inspire a differene in people but he does it seamlessly with every production he creates.

“Adelina” slides through with intriguing guitar strums and gentle background vocals flowing throughout the framework of the song. Its appealing sense of storytelling is just one differing thing that fascinates new listeners who discover his music. Look through his other releases to see a mix of music you’ll quickly also fall in love with!

In the meantime, make sure to follow Mr MooQ’s online if you enjoyed this catchy and distinctive single “Adelina”!


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