Multi-Talented Keyboardist Teddy Wender Releases “Peace Will Come”

Long Island based singer, songwriter, producer, and music Industry Executive Teddy Wender, shares his input on the irreversibly changes we’ve experienced within the past six months our world with his newest single “Peace Will Come.”

The multi-talented keyboardist uses “Peace Will Come” to mention how this epidemic has brought a sense of love, peace, equality, and hope throughout the country in such a short period. As the current keyboardist for Long Island’s Red White & Blues Band, Wender attempts to create music that shows kindness to everyone in a collective way through his uplifting words.

With an array of collaborations in the previous years including U2, The Ramones, The Cars, Odetta, Gary Stewart, Michael Powers and Loudon Wainwright III, Wender continues to pour his heart into his music. Watch the official music video for “Peace Will Come” down below:


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