My Autumn Amor ft. Yuki Noda – “Your Life is a Song”

Los Angeles-based singer songwriter, Thomas Monroe enamores fans with his musical name My Autumn Amor. Yuki Noda joins him on “Your Life is a Song” where they both enjoy each other’s company as they sing along to the encouraging and inspiring new song.

Together, they have a fun time dancing around a dim light room with just a guitar and their vocals at their disposable. The song title shares the name of upcoming album, available on February 14. My Autumn Amor’s Instagram account has already shared many snippets of their songs such as this one, “Don’t Cry.”

In the music video, the scenes in the school makes this a relatable song some listeners may be able to identify with. As the scenes switch back and forth from the school to My Autumn Amor and Yuki Noda, the scenes share a telling story of a young woman who feels insecure with helself due to how others treat her.

Throughout the song, My Autumn Amor discusses the idea of our lives being like a song where anything is possible. The upbeat track is a worldwide dance party where even the main character has the moment to shine while dancing to lyrics like “Dance like the world is ending/ We can stop pretending/ That it’s enough to only dream.”

My Autumn Amor inspires listeners to not only dream about what we want to do in life, but to go out there and do it! The uplifting visuals, heart-moving background sounds, and catchy lyrics makes this track highly enjoyable for listeners all over the world. Make sure to watch it here and leave us a comment!


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