N2BLU romanticizes the emotions felt in a previous relationship in their newest single release, “AGAIN.” Lyrically, it relates with listeners who have felt heartbreak before and have felt stuck in a position where they hoped they feel that feeling of love again.

The New Orleans-based duo have released another feel-good, upbeat dance song with a bright and interactive visual lyric video.

“Again” explores the wants and desires inside each of us. Even when we have convinced ourselves that love is too painful or isn’t worth it, a spark inside each of us is there to remind us that we’re not meant to be alone and that we will all be found in our own time,” N2BLU explains.

They master the art of blending different genres from pop to electronic music as they discuss personal and profound subjects with energizing melodies and perfect productions running in the background. It’s the ideal kind of song to get you to let go of any bottled up emotions and feel free for the rest of the night.

Keep up the faith on the possibility of positive love entering your life again as you listen to “AGAIN!” Remember to follow N2BLU online to find out about their new releases, including “Better Now.” 



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