N2BLU – “Electric Dreams”

Every new release from electronic duo N2BLU brings a sense of nostalgia, in a truly mesmerizing way.

N2BLU throws it back to the 80’s and 90’s when the notions of falling in love at first sight and living happily ever after felt just like a fairy tale. Their newest single “Electric Dreams” takes us back to those simpler times of romance before technology took over the way we communicate with one another.

They leave us with one simple message to follow our wildest and most romantic dreams to share the love we have with others. The blend of different genres ranging from pop to electronic music makes this a song people with interests in all musical genres can enjoy.

The vibrant lyric video runs through a variety of scenes that makes it feel like you’re standing on the dance floor getting lost in the music surrounding you.

With lyrics like “In a world of all things digital/ How do you find something real?/ That spark of something magical/ That makes you feel,” it’s difficult not to instantly fall in love with their sound and lovely message!

Stream “Electric Dreams” on all streaming platforms today!



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