N2BLU – “King Of Broken Hearts”

N2BLU invite their fans to rejoice in the moments of finding your fairytale happily ever after in “King Of Broken Hearts.” Throughout the single, the duo breaks down lead singer/songwriter Jonathan Arceneaux’s romantic history and patterns that have kept him repeating the same choices over and over again.

Through his impeccable and mesmerizing songwriting abilities, he inspires listeners to remind themselves of this simple message: “It’s time to break the cycle and become the King/Queen of your own heart. It’s time to Love yourself!”

Its futuristic EDM-infused sounds turn up the energy through their lively, colorful music lyric video. As always, their upbeat energy keeps us dancing along while the meaningful lyrics makes us question how we also interact in our personal romantic relationships.

Let go of the fear of love and find yourself lost in this inspiring, exciting new song! Follow the duo online to find out more about their future releases and their musical journey.

Be your own fairytale happily ever after before looking for someone else to bring you happiness! It’s the best way to find a long lasting relationship of your dreams. Listen to N2BLU’s “King Of Broken Hearts” whenever you need that gentle reminder in your life!



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