N2BLU – “Match My Crazy”

The New Orleans-based duo N2BLU wants you to match their crazy with the release of their latest energy fueled single, “Match My Crazy.’

The EDM-infused single about finding the person or people who “match your kind of crazy” dives deeper into the universal struggle of finding love and building relationships with the people around us. The song pushes its statement with a welcoming, upliting stream of intoxicating ‘90s beats.

Uniting Jonathan Arceneaux’s clever songwriting abilities with the electronic beat-making uniqueness of Konstantin Smorodnikov, N2BLU truly understand what it means to stand out with their music. They’re no “one hit wonder” and it’s apparent with their newest party-inducing single.

Lead singer/songwriter Jonathan Arceneaux explains, “I struggle with depression and anxiety, which is generally stigmatized, unfortunately. “Match My Crazy” is about my struggle with love and relationships, but hopefully a way to help end the stigma against mental health.”


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