Najee Janey – “As Is”

Independent artist Najee Janey releases his latest reflectionary EP As Is, but here’s the catch: there’s only one track!

Titled, As Is: 1 Track EP, it includes five songs in one eighteen-minute long yet impressive single including the tracks “tired of being tired,” “wild,” “uhreeverderche,” “every star has a shadow,” and “isley.” Growing up with the sounds of Zouk, Jazz, Funk, and LatinX flowing through his home ignited his love for music. Each song features these elements with a beautiful blend of jazzy sounds, groovy synths, and

Beginning with “tired of being tired,” the song dives into the emotions of feeling tired of life not changing. He reacts in a way that makes people listen to every word he has to say in the mic. “every star has a shadow” follows a similar flow with relevent bars. It’s enticing.

As soon as one track ends, the space between each single prepares listeners for what’s coming up. It leaves space to take in the last song before diving into the next. In a genius move, As Is: 1 Track EP, is perfectly blended together.

As Is is currently only available on Soundcloud and his official website! Make sure to check it out, you won’t be dissapointed!



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