Natalie Carr – “Blue Lights”

Natalie Carr takes influence from R&B, Pop, and Country music to create the innovative, sultry, new-age Pop/R&B artist creatively merging sounds within the North Carolina music scene.

Her songs including this latest release “Blue Lights” display her strong sense of storytelling, ability to create unique melodies and talent in merging a variety of music genres that take her outside of the box and into her own artist ready to take on any idea that comes her way. As a student at Duke University, Carr has found herself writing songs based on topics ranging from heartbreak to society’s perception of young women, to personal anguish and addiction she has experienced in her own life.

“I love the idea of doomed love, or being in love with the wrong person (in this case, a flashy 80s highway criminal),” Natalie Carr explains. “I used imagery to convey what being on the run might look like, and I wanted to allude to the feeling of being trapped by your own desire for someone, no matter what they put you through.”

She adds, “I told you I’d be honest when it became too much, but I love you too much,” aka, the narrator can’t bring herself to leave despite being an accomplice to criminal activity. While I’ve never lived this (very literal) example, I’ve felt like I’ve sacrificed my own values and sanity in order to be with a token “bad boy.”

Keep an ear out for the release of her EP in 2021!


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