Nathan Rodd – “Slowly”

Folk-rock singer-songwriter Nathan Rodd expresses himself up to the world with five songs in his debut EP Slowly searching for his meaning of life.

Named after his debut EP, “Slowly” encompasses the journey of taking things slowly in life while falling in love with the experiences he’s had. The slow and steady love song finds peace of mind in the memories inspiring him to share his vulnerable thoughts on his relationship.

The entire EP includes a 60’s and 70’s folk vibe driven by his emotions captured in his choice of instrumentation and expressive melodies.

“This album contains 5 songs that are inspired by experiences I have collected along the way regarding love and inner search, and it mostly sums up a significant period of development and connection to myself,” Nathan Rodd shares about the EP release. “I hope you’ll enjoy it and it will have meaning to you.”


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