National Barks – “Something I Can’t Shake Off”

National Barks display a renewed sense of direction with the release of their upcoming EP Something I Can’t Shake Off, available this October 2nd. Five new songs will be added ot their ever-growing discography filled with entertaining, distinct sounds.

Featuring Adam Brandt on vocals & guitar, Jeffrey Earl on drums & vocals, Joe Memory on bass, the trio is diving deep into a whole new retro sound merging with dark, fun, groovy, and western elements inviting listeners into their world while also giving a hint of fear intertwined with a mysterious range of adventure.

Included in the EP are the five tracks “Creeps,” “Japanese Car In The Desert,” Beverly Chills,” “Becky Bummer,” and “You Gave Me Something I Can’t Shake Off” setting off an exciting new beginnig for National Barks.

Their debut EP National Barks first released in 2016 carried their punk, progressive, rock sounds that led to the discovery of  their listeners resonatig more with the band’s spooky vibe and retro hooks. The second EP PUPCAKE, released in 2018, began the journey of exploring the spooky retro vibes coming in their third release.

National Barks’ EP Something I Can’t Shake Off will be available through all digital and streaming platforms on October 2nd!


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