NBDY Releases Confessional Acoustic Version of “Admissions”

R&B singer NBDY releases 6-song EP Admissions (The Acoustic) confessing the turmoil he’s faced after experiencing unexpected heartbreak. This acoustic version of the EP transforms the original release in 2020 into acoustic melodies filled with undying love and passion.

Opener “Admissions” reminisces on the pain felt after being cheated on by someone he truly cared about with the strings of the guitar and authenticity heard in his vocal tone flowing over the calming ambience. He shares three of his main confessions related to the pain that he wishes he could remove from his mind. His soulful vocals flow with the confessional, catchy lyricism soothing the memories stuck in his mind. “Could’ve had something real but you fucked it/ cause these are my admissions/ damn, I hope you listen,” he admits.

The entire acoustic version taps into the powerful emotions listeners will be able to relate to with each listen. With truly captivating vocals guiding the entire album with the simple rhythms of the guitar, NBDY is impressively building his career from the ground up. Stream Admissions (The Acoustic) on all streaming platforms today.

“Did I miss the memo or misunderstood/ when you said that you were in this for the good and bad?/ the hard times, I’m sure we can face it/ through the long term, we racing/ we just took the wrong turn”

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