New Zealand Artist Manu Francois Discusses Songwriting, Debut Album & Future Releases

EDM and Dance artist, Manu Francois, speaks with us about his music and upcoming year. Read more below:

Thank you so much for having me on for this interview. It is coming into summer here in New Zealand and things are going great, coming up as an independent artist here. Having moved through struggles and finding myself in the stable, positive, relaxed and appreciative general state that I envisioned for myself, and so, important to know that you are meant for peace, love and fun. So, without further ado, lets get into these questions. 

Q. What is your process when writing songs? 

There are a few different ways that have taken prevalence over the years. My most general way will be to start with the music. Now vocally, the melody that comes to mind would also come with some emerging shapes, vowel sounds, or consonants. As you hum that over you will be able to divine what is trying to come through subject to you. This is not a sure fire method but can produce interestingly poetic and connective lyrics and gives you the opportunity to “connect the dots” if you would. Then of course there is the poetry to music, which is made easier by the rhyming nature of the poem. “Falling into lines and rhymes / Filling in now to define / The question begs an answer / And the answer is her willing shrine.”

So you could put music behind that and it’s a verse! It’s so much about how you say what you want to say. This is art, not a newspaper reel. Art can look like a newspaper reel too, but has very many powerful forms. When you consider it, the sound that you hear, is how you could be expected to feel, so in delivering a message, it is important that we are aware of the world, and know people, and understand humour and what is to be publicly respected.

Then there is one of my favourite methods, this is sort of like an emergency method but has yielded some of the most compelling lyrics. This is to take a piece of writing from something that you have written to someone with purpose. A message to a real friend about something that you were passionate about. These messages are often the realest and give a song a particular closeness. They do not often rhyme and so make for interesting phrasings. And you always comet with something that you enjoy singing, takes you back, makes you feel. 

Q. What was your favourite song to produce from the album Release? 

Interesting question, I would ask you the same thing! 

I would say that the one that has gone the furthest in terms of being reproduced and really done some good for some people has been “The Blissful March.” And in fact, that is a song which was taken from a message written to a friend. 

Though, it’s hard to go past “Gyal Yo Body Know.” That song has made me sweat more than any other song I have ever sang! “Night With Pa” is many people’s favourite with that beautiful saxophone by Jeroen Kraaij from The Netherlands. But I’ve really been digging into some of this new material this year, singles dropped: “Dedication,” “The Devil In The Throne,” “Room,” “Rush,” and “Melt.” These are the continuation of my growth so I’m digging in there, but it’s always cool to reflect… which is your favourite?

Q. Are you currently working on more music? What can fans expect? 

Yes I am constantly working on music these days I feel like I’m truly in a time of flourishing and communication. I am open to collaborate across genres, countries everything. And as my production skills are improving, I’m releasing some of my finest work these days. I am currently working on video clips for both “Melt” and “The Devil In The Throne Room.” These are both great fun activities and call upon all resources, time, people, money, and are going to be well worth it and look Fantastic!!

Much more in the works, I am busy day in day out so definitely hook up to my social media or streaming service accounts and follow me on there @ Manu Francois.

Q. What’s been your wildest fan experience? 

I dunno if I would speak on it!! 😛 Boom! Hahaha well, I met a couple girls in Amsterdam who had heard of my music and really liked it too! That was probably one of the coolest fan experiences I’ve had. But I keep personal relationships with many people I meet who turn into fans. I appreciate them all very much. 

Q. What are your goals for the upcoming year? 

This next year, I want to be invited out of New Zealand to perform at a festival or show somewhere. In the States, Europe, South Africa, Japan, I’ll rock a stage anywhere!

So here’s hoping and continual work in the direction of that coming into being. Thank you so much for having me on Evelin, it has been a pleasure. 

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