Nick Cause Releases Cinematic New Album “Eraseherhead”

Always focused on the most attentive details in his music, Nick Cause releases a new album that leaves listeners craving for more.

The actor, musician, author, artist, and, poet, Nick Cause places an immense amount of effort on each thrilling yet calming sound and soothing lyric heard in Eraseherhead. Some songs rely on the instrumental sounds as the main focus while others keep a tight finger wrapped around their listeners with delicate, compelling lyrics.

The sensual track “Between Your Legs” openly descibes his desire to provide pleasure for the woman in his life. It perfectly echoes The Weeknd’s sound in a unique, addicitng way.

“Heartbreak Cafe” comes as the final track that puts together his emotive album full of love, desire, passion and heartbreak.   This is the song that flawlessly describes Eraseherhead.

Truthfully, Eraseherhead is an album that does more than put some songs together in hopes attracting new listeners. Nick Cause creates a cinematic experience that evokes an array of emotions from the very first listen and clearly put tons of effort into making this into a pleasurable album.

Stream Eraseherhead on all streaming platforms here today and share it with a friend!


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