NightZero – “Pieces”

Essex-based band, NightZero, brings their energetic and crowd pleasing performances straight to their listeners ears through their latest single, “Pieces.”

The four piece band find inspiration in popular bands such as Skillet, Smashing Pumpkins, Paramore and Foo Fighters to create their own distinctive sound. “Pieces” comes as one of their best known hits from the year including “Perfect Escape.”

With a transparent increase of energy and positive vibes in their music, NightZero proves Anthemic Rock can be a great fit for music lovers everywhere. Their inspirational lyricism is set to thake them to the next level as they make sure to understand the importance of music as a role in modern society.

“Music existed even before the Universe was created and I believe that it carries an amazing Power that can heal, transform and save lives,” Lead singer Ana Barroso said.

“Pieces” features a classic chorus that everyone can sing along to as the guitar pierces through the sound straight to the fans. The lead’s powerful vocals speak about someone ripping you apart and not being able to deal with it. The music video shows vibrant yet dark hues of colors as the band shows a crumbling relationship.

Make sure to watch the music video for NightZero’s latest single down below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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