NOSTROMO ft. Gilda Betancourt – “Control”

NOSTROMO and Gilda Betancourt team up to create the seductive and addictive single, “Control,” with high tempo bleeping synths that bring the lyrics to life right from the start.

The background music makes listeners feel like they’re cruising through their own real life video game while Betancourt’s vocals gives the song the powerful emotions it deserves. As she sings her catchy chorus that starts with “I can feel you taking over,” the in-between breaks gives her the chance to wow fans with each verse.

“Control” is portrayed through visuals inside of an apartment building where Betancourt comfortably strolls from one part of the place to the other showing off her outfit changes and how the mysterious guy in the video makes her feel. It’s all unexpected and exciting as the scenery changes and she finds props like the digital camera to include in the video.

Betancourt undoubtedly captures the attention of the audience from start to finish in “Control.” There isn’t a dull moment as the entirety of the song stays at a high level and never drops the momentum. Overall, the music is a playful and a fun way to get the message across to her lover. Fans can dedicate this song to that special somebody who can appreciate the upbeat background music and unique vocals!

Working together, NOSTROMO composed and produced the song while Gilda Betancourt wrote the lyrics and sings throughout the music video. “Control” is part of NOSTROMO’s album Love Songs To Die 2, which you can listen to down below:


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