NuRenaissance To Release Life Changing Two Part Album

When was the last time you heard an album that set your heart on fire and inspired you to move towards that goal you’ve been procrastinating on? Emerging this summer is the intriguing rising collective NuRenaissance who are preparing to release their two-part album this July 23rd.

Divided into two separate EPs bluu and REDD, NuRenaissance tell two very different sides of a story that inspire listeners to take action and consider how connected we are as a society. All proceeds from the releases are going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Black Lives Matter campaigns builder Color Of Change. Both organizations have created massive change during a time of much needed unity in this country.

NuRenaissance came into fruition when two college creatives, Shiki Quentrell and Nicólas Soul, began forging their own dreams of starting a record label/media company that had no limits in terms of creativity. Their desire to build a sanctuary that felt like home for other creatives led to the creation of NuRenaissance, an independent media company founded in Knoxville, TN.

Starting off with bluu, this EP follows the trials and tribulations of an African American male coming to age in modern day America. The story begins with illustrations based on the pursuit of money and love as seen on “$X$=$$” and “solange & solána.” Bluu appears as the unpleasant truths that we must learn and deal with in our lives in order to carry on with our life journeys.

As the main character grows older and learns more about the way the world works, he starts realizing these unpleasant truths which takes a quick turn to drugs on “spiderman” and the struggle with mental health on “soulSESSION, Pt. 3”.

The mental health issues, drug addiction, and financial woes that circle his life aren’t enough for as he considers the kind of life he wants to live, which turns to “bluu” tackling the institutional racism he faces on a daily basis. In a turn of events, his counterpart REDD gets killed and bluu sees this in a news broadcast on “fading to PRPL”. Listeners hear how this instantly pushes bluu to take action on “4mysKIN” to go fight the injustices in the system.

Following the EP’s theme of doing all you can with what you have in life, “useni’s sleigh bell” reference to two different works to illustrate how taking a small action can still lead a greater change. The first is a poetic piece written by Useni Eugene Perkins which alludes that only people who believe they can make a change will move towards that goal. The second reference is the sleigh bell concept from the movie the Polar Express, where the only people who can hear the noise coming from the sleigh bell are those who believe in the reality of Santa.

bluu takes us on a journey of self-discovery that brings together the growth and action experienced in life in such a short amount of time. With the hopes of inspiring listeners to make a move towards change, this EP doesn’t disappoint. Check out the minute long intro for this EP:

In comparison to bluu, the EP REDD is told from a differing perspective and acts as the last moments of REDD’s life. The introduction brings listeners into the reality of police brutality and the way this country has affected the Black Lives Movement. The character REDD is in a car with others when they realize they’re being followed by the police late at night. As they come to a screeching halt, they begin to reflect on their fondest memories.

They reminisce on the younger days when life seemed simpler and goofing off with friends was the best way to pass the day on the track “TRAPBRUNCH.” It’s followedby the recurring thoughts of growing up and wanting to become successful black men who make a difference in their worlds on “MOVE”.

“KIRBY” and “GRAVEYARD SHIFT” channel their old college shenanigans that they’vegrown very fond of and will always turn back to as they grow older and older together. Finally, the EP starts to take its turn on “midnight savior” and “TABULA RASA” where they reflect on those lifechanging moments where nothing but perseverance, glory as well as unity would take them farther than they imagine.

The final track, “fading to PRPL” displays the reality of the moment as the police officer approaches their car and walks toward their door. REDD is a reminder to enjoy every moment you have in life because you never know when it might just be your last one. Check out the minute long intro for this EP:

In a clear and engaging manner, bluu and REDD explore the systematic corruption and racism surrounding the United States. NuRenaissance, comprised of Nicólas Soul & SHiKi, move towards music to prove how they are soulful storytellers who can instantly capture the attention of anyone who listens.

As they place a great deal of thought onto this transformative journey, they both hint at how life should be lived to the absolute fullest because we never know when it could be taken away. Their honest emotions integrated with relatable bars and interesting sounds of synths shines through each track portraying one of the awful realities of living in the United States.

During a time where everyone is aware of the need for unity and compassion, we’re excited to share this two-part album that will be available on all streaming platforms this July 23! Keep up with this duo online to find out more about their life journey and upcoming releases!


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