O.R.D. – “Dreamland”

O.R.D. remixes an intriguing blend of Rap & Hip Hop with a splash of RnB in his reflective new EP titled Dreamland with four songs digging deeper into his life filled with unexpected occasions, chasing his dreams, and detailing how he’s too focused to care about what people who are against him say.

Opener “Can’t Handle” includes a catchy melody on the things he finds he can’t handle in life. Its instrumental beats chime in on the well-developed flow he’s created as he raps about what people expect from him. He knows he’s made for much more and he’s going after it with lyrics like “if they want me just for money, that’s a scandal,” coming through in this catchy and enjoyable rap about proving people wrong.

“Part of the Plan” acknowledges how the things we go through in life are all part of a bigger plan keeping us on a journey to the final destination. His monotone-styled vocals don’t clash with the synth instrumental beats in any way, rather the beats allow his vocals to shine alongside an integral part of his message about always moving forward.

“High” features female vocals with a different perspective on the fast-paced track discussing the nights when he feels like he needs something to forget about the worries of life. It’s a chill track that can set the mood while driving or searching for new music with relevant, authentic lyrics.

The final track “Back Down to Earth” emulates a grunge Hip Hop vibe vibing through a much more angry mood he’s found himself him. It’s honest about his desire to get back to a grounded state of mind and getting through the day with gospel-like, free-flowing beats drawing us in.

Dreamland is such an intriguing album and it’s clear O.R.D. put tons of time and effort into this EP. Each track is so distinct from one another, it makes the entire EP even more enjoyable. Make sure to check it out:


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