Olivia Rees Brings Out Stunning Debut Album “Exposed”

The robust message of love that is conveyed through  tunes always has a deep impact. The melody is another language of human kind. Within numerous vocalists and performers there are few who have talent that catch emotions. Olivia Rees is one of those liberated souls who goes and knows the way to the deepest corners of human emotion. She is a Toronto based vocalist, a great song writer, piano and guitar player. It seems she was destined to be the great musician she is.

Olivia Rees has come up with a stunning debut album Exposed this year, an eighteen minute package of quality entertainment. Exposed has versatile combo of music, it has both R&B and pop music touch. Out of seven most striking tracks Darker Night and Trust Issues are the wonderful additions on Exposed. The other flavor in the album is Fast When I am Furious where you can find the touch of rap of Mr. DMA, whereas in the track Round 2 the feat with DMA makes the remarkable duo performance. The rest of three tracks Body Language, Leave It Alone vis-à-vis Sugar and Spice have the touch of love and deep human emotions.

Exposed by Olivia Rees seems more than a debut album of growing vocalist. It is the reflection of the great perseverance of her energies, emotions and pains in lyrical way.








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