Olly Davies – “Box Wine Blues”

Olly Davies releases his fourth single “Box Wine Blues,” which was produced during a time when creatives were able to create lots of fresh, new content while in quarantine.

Inspired by the large amount of free time at his disposal, Davies got to work on a new single detailing his internal struggle of choosing the correct path in life. Music was beginning to appear as a less sustainable source of income, he was fresh out of university and back to being isolated at home, and was starting to feel the increasing pressures of finding alternate work to continue living.

This is all a recipe for stress that inadvertly fueled the desire to share these emotions through music.

The RnB and Indie Pop single “Box Wine Blues” includes jazz inspired symphonies on the guitar and a prominent bass line carrying his soulful vocals. He cites this song as perfectly fitting in playlists of fans of Jamie Cullum and John Mayer.

“Box Wine Blues” is an emotionally charged single that ties into how many people felt at the beginning of this pandemic. Share this song from this talented 21 year old UK based singer-songwriter with a friend today that may have felt the same way! 


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