OneUp Duo – “Let Me Come Home”

OneUp Duo, Season 15 of The Voice contestants, release a passionate and beautifully written Christmas ballad, “Let Me Come Home.”

With only the sounds of the piano flowing in the background until the end with the drums exploding along with their lovely, gentle vocals, OneUp Duo spreads love all around on “Let Me Come Home.”

OneUp Duo, comprised of married couple Adam and Jerome Bell-Bastien, secured a spot on Team Kelly as the show’s first ever same-sex duo. Since performing on The Voice, you may have seen OneUp Duo headlining various Pride Festivals, singing the National Anthem for the Brooklyn Nets and NY Yankees, and releasing new releases like “Let Me Come Home.”

The duo pour their heart and souls into this song as they discuss sharing the holiday with their loved ones but also feeling a sense of loneliness with lyrics like “my only wish this year is to feel that I belong/ So let me come home this Christmas.” It’s easy to feel tons of love after listening to them sing as OneUp Duo tries to use their music as a way of connecting people together.

“Let Me Come Home” has a huge buildup towards the end when they release all their energy and dive into combining their individual strong vocals together. Hearing them sing is like coming home for the holidays and the smell of homemade gingerbread cookies filling the air. You never want it to disappear.

Listen to “Let Me Come Home” on Spotify below:

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12 thoughts on “OneUp Duo – “Let Me Come Home”

  1. Wow, this song has really tickled my fancy a lot mostlybbecause it is a holiday song and it us used to connect people together. I like the fact that that the song was released hhsfvat the right time as well. I would really love to listen to it so I’ll take my leave not straight to Spotify. Nice work you have here Evelyn.

  2. Just wow, being gay myself, I have been in many many times in weird holidays situations, it is always stressing between fmaily or boyfriend or with both.

    I didn’t know of this couple or their participation in the show, but I just listened the whole song, and besides the full sense of relation I have to the content and the sooooo beautifully written and executed song, it gave me not only full goose bumps, but also brought me tears to my eyes. 

    Thanks so much for sharing, and share more of this couple if possible, I am eager to learn more! 

  3. Hello Evelyn, I just listened to the extract of the song which you gave here and I am actually amazed by the voice and also the instruments played there. I have always loved playing the piano and this song would be a great one to play my piano to. I will get the whole song and enjoy the lyrics on my own. Nic post.

    1. Wow, since this song is mostly driven by the piano it could be a great song for you to perform on your own. Thank you!

  4. Such refreshing song this is. I really really like the song and I think it will be very nice if I can get it. I hope that it comes out in an album. This holiday, it will be nice t have this blasting off the stereo of my car when coming from work. This is very very cool and I like it too. Thank you very much.

  5. Christmas is coming and we all want to habrthe feeling of being welcome by our loved ones whom we have stayed away from for a long time without seeing. I could relate well with the song because I have been away from my parents since last Xmas and I am ready to see them all again and have that family laughter with that sparkles in my mom’s eyes again. Let me come home to you all.

  6. Hi Evelin, thank you for music trail on OneUp Duo with their title let me come home. It was worth to visit your blog. I like music, I sometimes sing and the track I just listened is good. You are right, Adam and Jerome Bell- Sebastien have strong vocals . They really put all their energy in it. Lovely song, Christmas is in the air! I recommend LET ME COME HOME as a gift.

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