Osana AD – “BillieJean!”

Osana AD releases a new upbeat track that will make you want to get up and dance along. “BillieJean!” merges both of his cultures into his music while Afro-pop is quickly developing in the U.K. music scene.

After moving to Leicester at 17 years old, Osana AD, put a focus onto what music makes him feel alive while connecting with listeners around the world who also enjoy the same range of music. While developing his sound, he’s found an appreciation for what makes the music scene in the U.K. all its own.

He channels the single release from the late Michael Jackson’s infamous track ‘Billie Jean’ (1982). He uses Pop-like sounds with a flow of Afro beats to discuss a relationship that’s no longer desired. “I worry about being in the absolute wrong relationship for life!” he sings.

“BillieJean!” takes us on a serious journey about relationships, yet we feel the urge to dance along to the fun beats pulsating through this song.

Stay tuned for more songs from Osana AD that will light a fire in your feet and keep you moving along the beats. You won’t want to miss the rise of this young rising artist!


What's up? I'm Evelin, founder of Music Trails. Sometimes music just speaks to me and creates a memorable experience I can never forget. This is my space to share some of those new independent artists doing their thing. Check them out!

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