Palm Lakes – “Desert Love”

Newly emerging UK duo Ian and Tim Hardwick are currently creating addictive synth-pop/retrowave music from their beachside studio in tropical southern Taiwan.

The brothers discuss the adventurous spirit of love that matters the most to you in their most personal song yet, “Desert Love.” The melodic musical idea originated in southern California as Palm Lake’s Ian Hardwick sat under the starry skies of Mojave. My take from this is that they are merging together the very thought of sitting alongside someone in the middle of nowhere, yet knowing you’ll both be okay because you have each other.

Featuring special guest Paul Dymott on lead guitar, “Desert Love” brings to life the atmospheric sound of the 80’s with heartfelt verses creating distinct productions filled with nothing but love for the world we live in and the people inhabiting it. Tim Hardwick casually hooks us in with his easygoing vocals, passive synths, and hard-hitting drums while Ian Hardwick makes his sound heard with his deliberately soothing vocals, calming bass, chilling guitar sounds, fun electronic synths, and mystifying production.

This release is just a taste of what the UK brother-duo have hinted at since they began playing music: they’re definitely made for this. Replay their songs in order to create the ultimate soundtrack to an endless summer.

The first single they released in 2019, “Satellite” received stellar reviews for its ability to take listeners to another world filled with nothing but endless possibilities. Following this track was the irrestibly sax-indulging “Falling In Love Again” and uplifting single “Nothing To Me” speaking about moving forward in life and not letting anything deter you from where you want to go. There’s a sense of hope and lighthearted spirit in every song they sing as their vocals uplift the listeners while dancing along to the nostalgic 80’s beats.

“Listen closely… As the waves roll in & the sun sets over the pacific ocean you might just hear the sound of a gated snare drum and a Roland D-50,” Palm Lakes advises all new listeners.

Their use of bright colors for their visuals including the music videos and album covers have created a sense of intrigue in new listeners who discover their music for the very first time. Palm Lakes is creatively putting together music that speaks of messages important to them as well as visually appealing to everyone who finds them.

Make sure to keep up with Palm Lakes online to hear the amazing release of “Desert Love” on October 16 on all streaming platforms! But for now, please enjoy each and every release available to get you in the mood for this exciting, new release:


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