Paul Middleton – “Take On Me”

British pop musician, well-known LGBTQ performer, and long-time mental health advocate Paul Middleton releases his own personal spin on the popular A-Ha’s song “Take on Me” promoting mental health awareness specially after we’ve all dealt with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I noticed within myself and, I’m sure, as many other people did too, the decline of my own mental health,” Paul Middleton said. “The lyrics of the chorus, “Take on me, I’ll be gone, in a day or two,” inspired me to take on those feelings, sort of like confronting myself and challenging myself to rise to the occasion. I felt the song was perfect for the time period.”

His beautiful vocals truly captivate the listeners’ attention as each one of his releases including “Take On Me” demonstrates the amount of pain built up inside of him and is illustrated through his deep, mellow vocal tone incomparable to other artists in the genre. He includes his own variety of instrumentals including guitars to create a long lasting impression after the first listen. Before hearing his cover of “Take On Me” imagine the original version with a slowed-down fairytale vibe ready to take us into another much more calming world.

His covers of singles such as “We Found Love” has taken the independent artist to new heights as he continues to connect with listeners all over the world through prestigious Spotify playlists keeping fans on the loop of the relatable singles detailing his personal stories. Stay tuned for the release of “Take On Me” coming soon.


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