Peace Is Found When In HIS Presence “John 7:38”

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38 NIV

Have you ever sat next to a flowing river and listened to the sounds of life filling up the air?

It’s a serene, sunny early morning and it seems like you can capture every single caw of the birds flying by, water droplet falling on the cluster of rocks, and pitter patter of the ducks roaming the grass around you. It’s a magical moment that will stay with you forever. 

If you take a step back and stand on a large rock overseeing the river into its vast depths, all you will see is an abundance of life. 

In John 7:38, Jesus welcomes all who are thirsty to come to him and drink. In the next verse He says that if you believe in Him, out of you will flow rivers of living water (notice the “you” and the “rivers” in this verse). Christ is our source of life. We go to him when we are thirsty and not only does He fill us with what we need, He fills each and every one of us until we experience so much overflow that we don’t even know what we can do with what He has given us. In my opinion, the living water Christ mentions is the Holy Spirit, which He sends as our comforter and when we have the Holy Spirit in us, we can spend our time helping others also feel His comfort. 

This verse gives me life. It takes every ounce of my being that might feel away from the Lord to bring me right back to the realization that I don’t need to have it all figured out without Him. I don’t need to know everything I have to do in the short time I’m on this Earth or how I’m supposed to figure out this and that or will all my problems ever reach a point of resolution if I don’t take charge of it. I don’t always want to be in control so surrendering EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, to Him is the most comforting in the world. 

Returning back to the “you” and “rivers” portion of the verse – Jesus knows everything we need in any given moment of the day, even if we haven’t noticed what it is we need. He takes charge to the point where He will allow us to need Him in order to be blessed with everything He already has planned for us. The “you” part is highly important because you are a vessel. You control more than you think and although I struggle with this myself, I know every single area of my life will prosper when it is in the hands of the Lord. The “rivers” of abundance come faster than ever possible when I let him take charge of the things I can’t control. Surrender is something we all struggle with in some area of our lives but knowing He’s at the gate blocking all evil coming my way and giving entry to every blessing trying to come to me gives me so much peace, its inexplicable.  

My only prayer for you is that may your heart be so filled with Christ’s love and the joys of the Holy Spirit that those lucky enough to spend time with you will also feel at peace and comfort in your presence. 

you rock,


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