Petar Releases EDM Cover Of “You Broke Me First (Club Mix)”

DJ, producer, and singer ​​Petar​ ​releases an EDM remix to the original Tate McRae song ​”You Broke Me First” chronicling a broken relationship ending with both people suffering from unexpected pain. ​He spins the single into a creation all of his own​ with a mellow, experimental sound taking his creativity inspired by the single to heightened levels leading listeners to a fresh new experience clearly setting him apart.

“You Broke Me First (Club Mix)” begins in a satisfying, uplifting manner introducing his quiet yet explosive vocals taking into consideration the pain felt throughout the song. First heard on his Spotify releases, which continues to rise in monthly listeners with each new release he shares, the short 2-minute remix builds up with a contagious, vibrant feel moving listeners as the beats and flow increase in volume in comparison to the original. ​Serbian singer and producer currently living in Zürich, Switzerland, Petar has grown his wide fanbase and musical discography with ​the release of covers he’s remixed into his own particular electronic sound created with different beats and rhythms blurring those lines between EDM and simple Dance music popularly enjoyed by people all over the world.

This remix easily has the power to lift its listener’s mood as the song progresses and gaining newfound hope for a new love emits through its vulnerable lyricism. Stream ​​“You Broke Me First (Club Mix)”​ everywhere and follow ​Petar online to follow his musical journey as he continues to launch a new single every two to three months.

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