Pete Beat Releases “Drinking Lager” & A New Single Each Month

Pete Beat includes elements of folk, electronica, jazz and pop into his songs influenced by a range of artists from the Beatles to the Prodigy, David Bowie and Daft Punk. The singer-songwriter and producer is releasing one new single each month while gearing up to release his upcoming album Before The War. “Homesick Night” will be available on February 19th and “Before The War” on March 19th before the 11-track album debuts in April.

The latest single “Drinking Lager” embraces the moments of solitude where Beat was able to relax at home with a glass of beer in his hands and the calmness of just being without having anywhere to be. It details the chill vibes of being at home but also missing the easy accessibility to the outside world. His rich, deep vocals intrigue listeners with a electronica-filled sound inspiring us to dance along to the catchy, dance beats lifting our spirits throughout the darkness.

It’s one of those singles that will instantly make you feel better after a long day, which he would happily encourage listening to with a glass of beer to go along with it.

“Aiming for a specific genre just doesn’t appeal to me,” Pete says. “I’ll always go for what interests me at the time. I think in the earlier days there was benefit in ‘just doing it’ to build your skills, but after writing and recording 400 or so songs over the last 10 years, now I know to wait for inspiration before sitting down to work.”


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