Pistol For Ringo – “Case of the Tuesdays”

Pistol For Ringo releases “Case of the Tuesdays” as lead single off their 2019 EP Kings Of Bad Behavior.

Understandably, everybody has a bad day but Pistol For Ringo shows a bad day turning into a bad week, every single week. The song fits the scenarios perfectly. You can only imagine how chaotic the music video becomes before even watching it.

The California-based band tells the story of a man who is slowly becoming an alcoholic on the days we can only assume to be Tuesdays. Titled “Case of the Tuesdays,” the man returns the same bar week after week looking for a drink to take his pain away. As his situation worsens and he becomes close to being fired from his day job, he ends up being kicked out of the bar.

The storytelling and lyricism in the song is unique. As the man falls in the end and falls victim to what all the alcohol has done to him, viewers feel prepared as they see this happpen. Pistol For Ringo’s slow intro with the guitar in the beginning help ease viewers into the story, which then turns to the rock

The band began making music eleven years ago before taking a hiatus then reemerging to share more stories. “Case of the Tuesdays” is part of the 5-track EP Kings Of Bad Behavior that comes after the release of 2 previous albums.  

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