PJ SIN SUELA – “Loco Loquito”

Latin artist PJ SIN SUELA debuts his newest upbeat single “Loco Loquito” from his debut album.

Named Billboard’s Latin Artist to Watch in 2019, PJ SIN SUELA, now collaborates with singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler on “Loco Loquito” to tell their own story with a variety of interpretations for the listeners to create. In the end, “Loco Loquito” is a love story between two people who are crazy for each other but neither of them knows it.

For those who enjoy the single on its own, they can also see visuals accompanied in an animated video. As the story evolves, they both deal with nervousness that is evident through the usage of the catch phrase “ee,eee.” It’s cleverly used over 100 times with words all starting with the letter “E.”

PJ SIN SUELA speaks about their dream collaboration: “For me it was a dream come true, Jorge Drexler, is one of the artists I admire the most. His albums are my favorites. I will always be grateful to have been able to work with him on this track.”

Jorge Drexler chimes in, “My brother and colleague, the great PJ SIN SUELA, invited me to be a part of this great song. I am there as always in the clouds being a part of this beautiful audiovisual song.”

Watch the animated video and catch up with the new single everywhere you listen to music. “Loco Loquito” is now available on all digital and streaming platforms!


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