Playfio – “Arcadian Resonance”

To celebrate the imminent release of Arcadian Resonance on 20th August, the progressive rock artist Playfio we will be showcasing a brand new music video every Friday under the hashtag #ONEaWEEK – 16 videos in total, running for 3 and half months.

Playfio has had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented creatives and each video tells a unique story and touches on many topics. Four awe inspiring video will precede the 20.08.20 release. Take a trip to another world in the latest track ‘Nameless Man’ in this short film and be sure to check out Willow Gordon’s music review of this first released track from the new album.

The ‘Nameless Man’ is a song reminiscent of older times when music could make you stop still, close your eyes, sway and focus on the moment. When the very first chord is struck, setting the thoughtful tone, it is as if it plucks at your very own heart string. The instrumentals show such skill and the style is almost that of an interesting mix such as; Pink Floyd meets Led Zeppelin. A combination that any true music lover should enjoy.

With a comfortable melodic rhythm that calms the soul, it still somehow conceives an emotional response similar to that of a nostalgic melancholy. Yet I advise you to welcome that feeling with open arms and allow yourself to be transported into a story that tackles identity and the fear of passing without leaving a trace and inevitably being forgotten. The more you listen the more touching the song becomes, suddenly spiralling into much more than a very praisable tune. It is a sad yet pleasant reminder that time is not on our side and how death can be sudden and unexpected. Even without paying much attention to the lyrics, the music is still capable of making you feel such sorrow for the nameless man and in my eyes that is clearly a job well done. Music is supposed to make you FEEL and unlock your imagination – creating your own stories in your mind to dance along with the composition – and this song definitely did that.

The melody and lyrics match the video completely; along with the editing and attention to detail, the pacing is miraculously suited to the tempo of the music. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this song and the band is definitely one to look out for. Surely a star is rising.

Arcadian Resonance’ is a hidden gem of progressive rock, Playfio a diamond in the rough – not all bands are like this, that’s for sure. I love how they take you on a journey, much like a David Bowie song would with its lyrics and in still keeping the refrain throughout. I, for one, cannot wait to hear more of the album and wish Playfio the best of luck with future releases.

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