Pointdexter – “Let Your Hair Down”

Pointdexter showcases how time goes by in a blink of an eye in “Let Your Hair Down” featuring Shane Q from NBC’s The Voice.

The single inspires listeners to let their hair down once in a while and enjoy life in this Pop-Indie-Rock-Funk-Fusion that instantly makes us want to get up and dance our emotions away. Shane Q appears towards the end as their harmonious voices fuse into a powerful, replayable range of vocals.

Pointdexter is all about spreading some inspiration, determination, love, and self-empowerment with the people in their lives and their fans all over the world. “Let Your Hair Down” is on Pointdexter’s upcoming album Forces of Nature, a collection of songs uniting those different elements that instantly hit you in life like a Force of Nature.

“Just like forces of nature, those elements tend to be unpredictable, unstoppable, and can show people what they are made of,” the band says. “We are writing songs to inspire, reflect, and relate with others.”

Watch and listen to the official lyric video down below with visuals of a bright variety of colors changing in a continuous motion as a clock counts upwards. “Let Your Hair Down” will surely stay stuck in your head for some time after that!


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