POMAGRANITE To Release New EP “Supply” On May 1

Hip-Hop/ Alternative R&B Collective, POMAGRANITE, pursue their desire to spread their music with an all in-house production and new EP Supply set to release on May 1. 

Introducing New England’s hottest rising rap group, the four-piece group have accumulated a combined 3 million plays across all streaming platforms and toured the entire country since coming up together as a group.

Their newest EP Supply will follow their 2019 EP release, The Treatment.

“TOO MUCH (ft. Tim Nihan)” is the perfect introduction to POMAGRANITE and Supply, which use their fiery raps to instill their levels of hustle onto every listener that comes around. The high beat tune is accompanied with a unique vocal in the background that amplifies each new verse. It’s the perfect song you need in the morning to hype you up real quick.

“FOCUS (ft. Lil Rayy)” features a smooth sound complete by the sounds of the drum and synths in the background. Each member takes their turn spitting their lines onto the mic with a resemblance to the deep based vocals and musical production of A$AP Mob.

This guitar based single “HMU” simply lets other artsits know they’re on the rise and they better watch out because POMAGRANITE isn’t stopping anytime soon. A real highlight for us, “LINENS,” speeds up the production for a fast-paced tune based on everyone on their team winning.

“LOOK AT YOU” romanticizes a love story that could all be ultimately part of a dream and not the reality he’s looking for with this person. His feelings drift from his thoughts to the paper in a coherent manner that draws us in with every slurred thought brought on by the alcohol he’s consuming.

Keep up with POMAGRANITE on all streaming platforms! Judging by their past releases, we suspect they’ll have more in store for their fans in 2020.


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