Pook Hustle “Purple: Grass Is Always Greener”

Pook Hustle returns with Purple: Grass Is Always Greener, an introspective feature of two songs reminiscing on the complexities of romantic relations based on the perspective of a Black man. This release comes after Pook Hustle’s debut EP Blue Tape and his upcoming sophomore EP Red Tape.

The emerging hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, NY, uses this dual-track project to describe the emotional rollercoaster of thinking about the grass being greener on the other side of whereever he is and not being sure if he’s in the right place or not. The use of Purple in the title serves as a bridge between the titles of the EPs while balancing out Blue’s stimulation and Red’s calm.

Both tracks draw in similar vibes to popular hip-hop voices such as Joey Bada$$, A$AP Ferg and J Cole. “Sickwitit” details how he can sometimes forget the love while in a relationship and becomes stoic towards the other person. The catchy hook and dynamic percussion sticks to the somber emotions while “Budapest” captures our attention with smooth synths and spacey melodies as he gets lost in his own world with his special person.

Purple: Grass is Always Greener is about me coming to terms with my duality. Whether I’m in a relationship or single, I find myself looking at the grass on the other side,” Pook Hustle explains. “This project embodies me embracing my darkness and my more romantic side coming to the realization that the two traits can exist within one person.”

Music appears a way for Pook Hustle to describe his experiences as a Black man in the U.S. Keep up with his versatile and valiant sound in Purple: Grass Is Always Greener.

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