Pook Hustle – “Wawa”

Brooklyn born Hip-Hop artist Pook Hustle gives his tribute to the popular convenience stores and gas stations, WAWA, in his latest new song. WAWAs are located along the East Coast of the United States and particularly popular spot for people to find their favorite snacks and hot meals.

The track itself is catchy, flows smoothly, and ceases at the perfect spot. He leads with a recollection of something his listeners will be able to identify with – a true symbol of how his lyrical storytelling shines through with his words and ability to turn a hook into a masterpiece.

Pook Hustle pursued his interest in songwriting to carve his life stories into hard hitting, memorable raps. His bold and captivating energy can be heard in each one of his releases as he leaves nothing left behind when he gets in front of the mic.

He mentions, “Living in a fast paced city like NYC, it’s good to catch a break when you can. Since I was a teenager, me & my friends would take trips out to New Jersey or Pennsylvania to retreat.”

“My favorite part of these experiences is the relaxation of driving on the highway & of course going to Wawa. It’s convenient, reliable and open 24 hours! When I wrote this song I wanted to talk about why I’m retreating from the city but in a fun way that would bring the listener into the car with me,” Pook Hustle reminisces on those life-changing experiences.

Listen to “Wawa” and share it with your friends on your next road trip!


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