Poppyiris – “Why The Hell Knot”


Poppyiris, American romantic Country duo, come together to perform timeless romantic love songs such as “Why The Hell Knot.” Together, they create an infectious blend of soulful harmony that listeners can play over and over again.

The duo Poppyiris is made up of Deedee O’Malley and Mike Lusk, who formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2016. Deedee O’Malley is a songwriter/performer/producer/author/actress/instructor and part of the duo Poppyiris with fellow recording artist Mike Lusk.

They both grew up singing background harmonies for artists such as Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Martina McBride, LeAnn Rimes, Chris Cagel, Stephen Bishop, Glen Campbell, Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, Miranda Lambert while keeping a long list of artists that goes on and on and on.


The music video for “Why The Hell Knot” shows the duo in the recording studio and on stage where they belt their hearts out to each other. They evidently have tons of love for one another and want to convey it in front of the camera and their audiences. Their sincerity, connection and affection is mesmerizing to watch while listening to the beautiful lyrics they sing.

“Why, why, why the hell knot/ why not tie the knot” they sing in the hook while looking at each other in the eyes. Their use of their guitars brings a fun song for listeners to enjoy and also dedicate to that special someone they want to marry one day.

Fall in love with the Country duo Poppyiris and watch their music video for “Why The Hell Knot” down below:

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