Posh Chocolates – “Dose”

Manchester based trio, Posh Chocolates, release a new, captivating synth-led single titled “Dose.” Just as the title suggests, get ready to hear a feel-good track detailing the addictive vices in our lives.

Pioneered by lyricist and front man Christian Ellery, Dose” is jam-packed with a groovy bass, uplifting lyricism, and refreshing guitar lines. With their signature vibrant indie-pop sound, Posh Chocolates appear as one of those artists we all need to keep on our radar.

This new single flows through the addictive state one falls into when pursuing certain urges and choosing between that and a new love interest. The contemplation between both areas creates a profound feeling of confusion that listeners can hear Posh Chocolates sing about in their groovy, catchy track.

Christian Ellery draws us in with his obsessive yet relatable lyrics while in love with lyrics like “pick up, pick up the phone, I need my daily dose.”

If you enjoyed listening to “Dose” through your earphones or turned up stereo, wait until you can hear it live on stage to enjoy its full effect. Check out “Dose” on all streaming platforms and follow the trio online to keep up with their future releases!






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