Premiere: Ilandria Blissfully Finds Her “Strange Love” In New Music Video

New York based singer Ilandria premieres the music video for her latest single “Strange Love,” portraying a curious and creative take on a relationship between two people who come together through their strange habits and interests.

Appearing in a large colorful forest, Ilandria acts as cupid with her own bow and arrow ready to strike towards her crush. Her eclectic sound is intriguing as she merges her own fantasy worlds while turning her memories into enjoyable and interesting songs.

“Strange you, strange me/ Estranged together/ And I know/ I know you know/ Strange is better,” she sings in the catchy chorus about their connection.

“My new release, “Strange Love” is about my imaginary, dreamy world of love. It’s about an other-worldly creature falling in love with someone who is just as weird,” Ilandria mentioned in our previous interview. “I dedicate it to all of the couples who find each other through their strange habits and interests. It’s other-worldly but it’s realistic – we are all a little strange and have to find the right kind of strange for us.”


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