Premiere: MIMAH Releases Empowering New EP “Panacea”

MIMAH unleashes her own powerful persona in the hip-hop and electronic pop world with the release of her uplifting and danceable new EP, Panacea. 

Defined as “a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases,” Panacea displays the rapper/pop artist’s ability to switch up genres in the emotionally charged five-track EP while breaking down everyday struggles. Her songs will make listeners want to get up and dance while feeling they’re in an existential crisis.

Panacea definitely lives up to its warranted definition. The passionate and reflective lyrics reflects on the power we have as we grow up realizing out our capabilities of being so badass that noone can mess with you.

Each track from the descriptive “Horoscopes” mentioning the traits of humans perfectly portraying their specific zodiac signs, the bop “Drip Like Honey” taking listeners out of their element, “The Rose” hyping listeners up about who they are as they dance along to the upbeat sounds, the ode to girl power in “Hot Sauce Freestyle” to the EDM style “Love Tears” covers the basis of an optimistically exciting new EP release that will keep us moving along to every relatable lyric and mood-boosting beat.


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