Pritt – “Tunnel Vision”

R&B songstress Pritt emerges with a track discussing unfaithfulness while mastering the art of uniting two diverse upbringing together with incredible ease in her new single “Tunnel Vision.”

“Tunnel Vision” discusses the downside of break ups or the aftermath of finding out your partner has been unfaithful. The reality of this topic can resonate with many listeners who can connect with her smooth flowing sounds and mesmerizing vocals.

Raised in South London and of Tamil descent, Pritt takes the contemporary R&B influences from the urban culture of London and fuses them with melody-heavy Carnatic vocals. Pritt has featured powerful vocals infused with dynamic musical elements that have landed her on BBC 1’s Introducing Track of the Week on the Bobby Friction show @ BBC Asian Network.

Speaking on the track, she said, “Unfaithfulness causes for loss of trust. Something taken years to build takes seconds to break and time to heal – fixating on the one fact that her boyfriend texted her before committing a wrong doing, she writes a song regarding her emotions and the issues in their relationship coming back to the fact that he didn’t have the audacity to call her or speak to her before.”

“She then refers to her relationship as having a tunnel vision mentality throughout their time together and maybe they weren’t meant for each other after all and that led to infedility,” she continues.

Keep your eyes peeled for Pritt this year as her music reaches new audiences worldwide while leaving a long-lasting impression encouraging listeners to dig deep into their emotions and be willing to fully express themselves.


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