Producer Karamar Set To Release “Nightcrawler” Music Video This Friday

Australian producer and composer Karamar releases an impressive variety of Melodic Techno songs that instantly comes alive with each listens. Each futuristic chord progression, memorable melody, and hard-hitting sound come together to form the perfect playlist of dance songs any fan of Techno/Dance/EDM can find appealing.

The latest single “Nightcrawler” includes a light and airy feel to the dynamic beats sharing an easily comforting embrace of what makes the dance world what it is today. Along with his previous releases, this single displays nothing but quality music which feels like an instant classic waiting for its big break into the playlists of fans across the country.

The music video for “Nightcrawler” won’t be available until this Friday, December 18th but the sneak preview we received shows how it’s definitely worth the wait. The nearly 6-minute video shows Karamar in action after opening up with a holographic scene and a cautionary message warning viewers that the vibrant visuals may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Get ready to get lost in the vibrant sounds of Karamar with a captivating visual showing everything he’s been able to learn in the world of music.

“Do You Like This?” takes us back to the days when the night clubs were open and people from all over the world would be able to let loose while getting back into their element of enjoying music that makes them feel like they’re on top of the world. Its layered rhythm creates a consistent uptempo beat with female and male vocals asking “do you like this?” to set the mood before its transition comes in halfway through.

Listeners are met with a thumping beat emerging with a fusion of Techno-Pop synths keeping a steady beat as the single progress. The 6-minute track urges listeners to dance the night away and let go of any worries in order to have a good night of fun!

Another notable release in 2020 is “Pathogen,” which takes a different approach by emphasizing certain vocals and transitions to make the single all its own. It includes a lo-fi meets electronic beat with an emotive range of energy surging through the single. This is personally one of his best releases defining what he’s capable of creating and getting us excited for what’s coming next. “Pathogen” is the second release of the year keeping him as one of the rising Melodic Techno artists to watch as the year progresses.

Keep an eye out for the release of the official music video for “Nightcrawler” this December 18th! Also, make sure to stream all of Karamar’s current music releases on all streaming platforms:


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