Punt Guns – “Who Am I”

Punt Guns draw listeners in with “Who Am I,” an expressive new track about avoiding expectations from the world in order to live a positive and liberating life. Their uplifting lyricism sticks to the idea that we are who we are and no one can change that if we don’t allow it!

“Who Am I” runs with addicting and energy-bursting guitar riffs that merge with playful indie verses. There’s something exciting and unique about this new single since it feels like more than one song blended into one through its sound and range of vocals.

Punt Guns, comprised of members Samura1 and Karisma, are effortlessly able to incorporate sounds of electronic rock, electronica and pop music since uniting in 2017.

Their latest release may not be for everyone but “Who Am I” sticks to their familiar sound that makes them a force to be reckon with in the music industry. With a thirst for finding the appetite for life and cherishing every moment, they inspire listeners to be themselves.

Stream “Who Am I” on all streaming platforms today and show your support by following them online!


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